(Dark Desires: Book 5)

Coming August 2015

“This exciting sci-fi paranormal romance will delight you while keeping you in suspense the whole way through! I’m still reeling…” Jess

bloodmetal-newFleeing back through the black hole and into their own universe, the crew of the Blood Hunter find they have lost a few years. And things haven’t improved in their absence. The Church is now in charge, the Collective and Rebel Alliance are in disarray, and there’s a swarm of angry aliens behind them. Their chances of survival look bleak.

Newly turned vampire and co-pilot of the Blood Hunter, Daisy, wants revenge on the people who killed her family and her friends. First, she must get control of her new appetites. She needs blood—lots of blood—and the only thing that might control the hunger is sex. Unfortunate, when there is a good chance she could drain any lover dry. But when she meets old flame, Fergal Cain, he seems like the answer to all her needs.

Part human, part cyborg, Fergal, is living on borrowed time. Only one thing can save him, and it’s not sex with a scary vampire chick. He needs to find the scientist who changed him, and he needs to do it fast. When he learns the crew of the Blood Hunter is chasing the same man, it seems Daisy might be a match made in heaven after all.

Fergal needs to find a man and he needs him alive. The crew of the Blood Hunter need that same man dead, and Daisy just needs…blood. Maybe it’s more like a match made in hell.

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“A mixture of myth and modern technology, Blood and Metal is a strange brew but a great read…A must read for fantasy lovers.” S.K. Gregory

“Expect romance but most of all expect to be entertained.” Marta Cox

“Wow! What a blend of multiple genres and it works fantastically!” Jeri

“It’s a perfect blend of scifi, paranormal, and romantic suspense, and Ms. Croft makes it work beautifully!” Monique